Plasma Bank

• Plasma transfusion is a very common procedure in neonatal foal medicine both for prophylaxis and for treatment of diseases. The Sharjah Equine Hospital maintains a plasma bank that can be used by veterinary doctors in the region. The plasma is collected through sterile procedures using an autopheresis C system (Baxter Healthcare, Fenwal) with the aim of producing 800ml of sterile Ig-rich plasma.

• The horses providing the serum are owned and managed by the hospital and tested regularly for multiple infectious diseases such as EVA, EIA, Glanders, Dourine, West Nile Virus, Piroplasmosis and African Horse Sickness. All donor horses are subjected to a very strict and intense vaccination and deworming program as well as their general health being rigorously maintained by our veterinary staff.

• After collection the plasma receives an identification number which is stored and classified in a database on sight. The bags are wrapped and stored in a specialized freezer where they can be safely stored for up to one year. Please contact us for further information and price.